Project Management


For over two decades we have managed our clients projects from start to finish. We focus on providing extraordinary services to the building, renovating and maintaining off homes and commercial buildings, tailored to match individual needs. We can assist with defining the project, assembling the team, outlining a budget, timeline and sourcing quality components.

TEHK engages as the agent acting on behalf of the client to oversee and supervise the complete process from pre-construction through to project completion. TEHK leads, facilitates, and coordinates the entire construction process between the consultants, sub-trades, and suppliers on behalf the client.

What we do:

  • Budget preparation, cost control, and full project accounting
  • Subcontract negotiation, award, and administration
  • Scheduling control and sequencing of all construction activities
  • Site set up, supervision and coordination of site work
  • Site safety
  • Project documentation collection, submission and close out such as permits.

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